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About Us

About Company

CCBUL, Capacity & Capability Builders, is an yet another consulting and advisory organisation backed by an experienced, passionate and time-tested professionals who are committed to solve industry-wide challenges holistically or at functional level.

Inherited by the culture to continuously Inspire entrepreneurs & established business houses to innovate and develop intuitive, intelligent and immersive solutions; which brings positive impact within business stakeholders and society. CCBUL solutions are always backed by intensive research and study on relevant and aligned industry/ies, technologies, current and future competitors, various risk involved and its implications, clients budget etc. As a technology enabled Consulting company, we do not limit ourselves to just " Lip Service " but competent to extend "Applied Consulting" as in offering.

Business Interest

CCBUL as a group has interest in few Business Domains & has necessary resources to contemplate on Business Challenges & finally providing Consultation & Solution to client. These Business Domains/Verticals are headed by respective team of Subject Matter Experts. We foster an integrated managerial and practitioners’ approach within businesses to complement a robust and durable business growth and handle complex business challenges with right strategies. CCBUL is focussed on providing end to end solution to Enterprises, Entrepreneurs & Investors. It is specialized in assignments with emphasis on Indian & International Market. At CCBUL, primary area of expertise is in Technology, Finance, Retail, Energy, Hospitality and Infrastructure; serving domestic & international early-stage & middle market Enterprises.

At CCBUL, through its continuous market research & technology innovation aspire to fulfil customers’ ultimate objectives by provisioning state-of-the-art solution range and product portfolio. We are passionate in taking up challenges which matters to our clients or globally.

More Information

It has been experienced that companies and entrepreneurs suffer greatly without necessary and adequate resources (manpower, funds, technology or strategy) and operational support. More frequently, instead of focusing on core business, management team get engaged with other functions & exasperating processes with lasting disadvantage; inadequate know-how and lack of expertise, dependency on known circle, and non-familiarity of technical and technology lingo make situation even worse.

We at CCBUL, through our extensive knowledge and competent team members, provide the best and necessary advisory and consultation to our clients. Our well-crafted and time tested capabilities enable our client to enjoy favourable and customized options for mentoring, funding, execution or operational excellence. We have evolved during course of time to provide a strong value addition to early ventures or ventures looking for exit through our acquired expertise and extensive networks in multiple domains.

Meet Our Consultants

Our Consultants .

Consultants are those dynamic people who shoare their experiences & knowledge with others for their better business experiences.

Nitin Shrivastava

Facilitator, Mentor & Guide

Independent Consultant, with extended scope of work ranging from technology assistance to company take-over.

Sachin Shrivaatava

Project Head

Specialist in Strategy, software networking solutions, HyperAutomation Evangelist. Founded idealVillage with a vision to provide platform for people who work for village and villagers upbringing to mainstream of knowledge, commerce, communication and information. Also part of CCBUL board providing strategic and transformation initiatives.

Rashmi Srivastava

Process Head

Certified Process/Project Manager with 10+ years’ experience in Project Management, Service Delivery , Team and Process Management, Product Development and Mentoring. Also specializes in adepting to changes such as processes, contractual agreement, organisation focus quickly thereby delivering the project with minimal / acknowledged risks and impacts.

Alhad Deshpande

Technology Partner

Specialist in Consulting, Application Development and Research Analyst in various Industries. Specialties range from Web Design to Web Development , from SEO to SEM, from Digital Marketing to Media Consulting, from Architectural Design to Business Consulting. Expertise in successful initiation, planning, execution & delivery of projects. Currently Leading Righteous Systems LLP.

Kavita Sharma


Experience professional providing legal & operational support, with 8+ years of entrepreneurial and small business background. Strengths focus around managing small business operations and processes, relationship building, coordination, and organization. Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills, leadership, and ability to thrive in a customer-facing role.Leading a program for Women Hr enterprenures.

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