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Most small businesses rely heavily on marketing strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones. However, the digital realm, including social media, is changing rapidly, and marketers must adapt their strategies quickly if they want to continue to reach their customers.

Story-driven content: One way to capture an audience, for instance, is to create video content.Video marketing is a critical tool for businesses right now, whether you're looking at creating short, shareable content for social media or thinking about something more targeted, like recruitment strategy.
Video content: Access to insightful data is giving small businesses the capability of gaining deeper customer and business insights. Access to machine learning has taken away much of the complexity of data analysis, which allows small businesses to make faster and better decisions.
Native advertising:Native advertising is a unique type of marketing that matches the tone of the platform on which it appears."The concept of native advertising in the internet sphere is only a few years old, so it's going through many iterations from simple blog-type posts, to video content, to promoted tweets and posts on all the major social media platforms.
Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing uses specific people, typically those with audiences numbering in the thousands or even millions, to sell products on social media.As with more traditional advertising, some companies have even recruited celebrities to promote their brands, products and services. However, businesses should be careful to choose an influencer who aligns well with their brand and values.